Client Awarded Decision Making Power, Spousal Support and Child Support


Two Nychuk and Company family lawyers, David Flett and Jim Vogel, recently represented a client in November 2020 and received a court decision from Queen’s Bench Justice completely in their client’s best interest. The client represented by Nychuk and Company was a recently divorced individual with three children. The opposing party had a 7-figure income and indicated little to no interest in developing relationships with their children. Our client, against objections from the other party, was in fact entitled to costs paid by the other party. Primary decisions making about the youngest child, monthly spousal support and child support for all three children were issues that were brought to court. The court accepted all arguments on behalf of our client, ordering child support on the opposing party’s corporate income, as well as $20,000 per month in spousal support payable to our client. The client represented by Jim Vogel and David Flett was extremely content with the outcome of the trial, as this individual has won on every single matter brought to the courts.

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