Interim Order Made for Sole Legal Decision-Making Responsibility


In a situation where one parent struggled with addiction issues and the children’s safety was a significant concern, Kayla McKinnon was able to obtain an interim order for her client, that gave her the ability to make decisions in relation to the children without having to agree with the other parent. It was determined that the other parent needed to remain entirely drug free to not pose a risk to the children, as they had suffered due to their parents struggles. As such, a graduated parenting time plan was ordered with respect to the father, which started with limited supervised parenting time and was only to expand over the course of five to six months if he provided clean drug screens. If he failed to produce screens, his parenting time would not expand. If he failed any drug screen, it was ordered that her client would be justified in suspending parenting time. This interim order was granted so that the children would be safe and sheltered from their parents addiction issues.

Kayla McKinnon also assisted in obtaining an interim order granting our client, sole legal decision-making responsibility (formerly known as sole custody) of her children after experiencing years of domestic violence at the hands of her former spouse. There was no order granting the other parent parenting time in this order. The other parent had originally asked the court for parenting time, as they claimed that our client had been withholding the children from them and that there was no reason for them not to have regular contact with the children.

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