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Joanne Moser recently went to trial for a client that struggled with substance abuse. The client knew that their children would end up in foster care if they continued, so the client reached out to family members for support. The family members agreed to help raise the child and avoid foster care while they recovered. One family member, who later became the opposing party, refused to return the child to the parent. It was evident that the client made an active effort to improve and overcome their addiction, with many of their family members testifying to that. This was a difficult case with family members against each other, forcing them to pick sides. The professionals involved during the client’s rehabilitation efforts stated that the client’s circumstances from when they first started at the shelter, and now were “night and day.” The client is now fully recovered from their addictions and is a successful, high-performing member of the academic community. A trial ensued, and after the client’s efforts to rehabilitate and successfully raise the child were demonstrated, the judge found that the child should be rightfully returned to the parent.


When you are convicted of a criminal offence in Canada there are number of possible sentences available depending on what you are found guilty of the and the aggravating and mitigating factors that surrounded your conviction.

Anytime you interact with the police there is a possibility that your information will be stored in a police data bases and could show up in a criminal record check as a non-conviction.

Are you eligible to have your Criminal Record suspended? This blog will explore what a record suspension does, when you can apply for one and how exactly to go about doing it.

A step by step guide showing what happens after you get arrested, when you are charged and the different ways your case will move through the Court system.