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Two Nychuk and Company family lawyers, David Flett and Jim Vogel Q.C., recently represented a client in November, 2020 following a week-long trial and received a court decision from Queen’s Bench. The court accepted all arguments on behalf of our client, rejecting the claims of the other party, with an end result of significant child support, as well as $20,000 per month in spousal support payable to our client. Our client was awarded the parenting terms that they had sought.  The court also accepted all arguments raised with respect to significant family property that had been dispute. The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the trial, having won on every single issue brought to the courts.

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When you are convicted of a criminal offence in Canada there are number of possible sentences available depending on what you are found guilty of the and the aggravating and mitigating factors that surrounded your conviction.

Anytime you interact with the police there is a possibility that your information will be stored in a police data bases and could show up in a criminal record check as a non-conviction.

Many people worry that if they do not talk to the police or allow them to search their vehicle it will make them look guilty. This is simply not the case. The police can only use what you say against you and never what you don’t say.

Are you eligible to have your Criminal Record suspended? This blog will explore what a record suspension does, when you can apply for one and how exactly to go about doing it.

A step by step guide showing what happens after you get arrested, when you are charged and the different ways your case will move through the Court system.