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In a recent family law decision, Nychuk & Company lawyer David Flett successfully argued to obtain an award for his client of approximately double the court costs typically awarded in these types of matters, to be payable by the opposing party.

In giving reasons for awarding Mr. Flett’s client an increased amount of the typical costs, Mr. Justice Megaw praised both parties’ counsel for their exemplary professionalism, stating:

“Before embarking on my reasons, I want to specifically recognize the manner in which counsel conducted both their cases and themselves during this case. The litigation has been hard-fought since it was commenced in 2015. The most recent applications concerned fundamental issues affecting ongoing parenting and, specifically, the father’s ability to continue to engage in a meaningful way with the children. Despite the nature of the litigation, both counsel, while pursuing their clients’ interests, were unfailingly polite and professional with the court and, seemingly, with each other. They were continually interested in assisting the court to properly manage the litigation. In short, they acted in the best traditions of their profession in ensuring their advocacy, while resolute, was not influenced by the obvious emotion and turmoil being experienced by their clients. When advocacy is performed at such a high level, it is important the court recognize that and comment favourably upon it.”

Mr. Flett has been practicing Family Law since 1995, and is also a Qualified Arbitrator. When you and your family are thrown into the legal system, you need an experienced advocate to assist you to resolve the matter as efficiently and capably as possible.

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Anytime you interact with the police there is a possibility that your information will be stored in a police data bases and could show up in a criminal record check as a non-conviction.

Many people worry that if they do not talk to the police or allow them to search their vehicle it will make them look guilty. This is simply not the case. The police can only use what you say against you and never what you don’t say.

This is an introduction into the purpose of questioning in a civil suit and what you should and shouldn’t do when you’re the one being questioned.


The Court of Appeal today issued their decision in favour of Kevin Mellor’s client’s long standing interest registered on titles in The Creeks area of Regina.  This appeal dealt with a very common but important land title issue that the general public runs into from time to time. The full decision is here 2020SKCA064