Nychuk & Company has experienced lawyers that practice family law, criminal law, civil law, real estate law, and corporate law. In this blog all of our lawyers will have the opportunity to share recent developments in their area of practice and provide practical guides to help you navigate the legal system.

The goal of this blog is to introduce you different areas of the law and give you a better understanding of what actually goes on in the legal system. Each post will explore a different legal concept or process and what it looks like in real life.


Sentencing in Canada

When you are convicted of a criminal offence in Canada there are number of possible sentences available depending on what you are found guilty of the and the aggravating and mitigating factors that surrounded your conviction.

Did you know that if you have ever been arrested or charged with a crime you have a police record?

Anytime you interact with the police there is a possibility that your information will be stored in a police data bases and could show up in a criminal record check as a non-conviction.

Why Saying NO Makes You Look Smart Not Guilty

Many people worry that if they do not talk to the police or allow them to search their vehicle it will make them look guilty. This is simply not the case. The police can only use what you say against you and never what you don't say.

Can you have your Criminal Record Pardoned in Canada?

Are you eligible to have your Criminal Record suspended? This blog will explore what a record suspension does, when you can apply for one and how exactly to go about doing it.

I am being questioned…What the heck does that mean?

This is an introduction into the purpose of questioning in a civil suit and what you should and shouldn't do when you're the one being questioned.

How do I know how much child support I have to pay?

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An introduction into how child support payments are calculated and how you can determine what you should be paying or receiving in child support every month.

What happens after I get arrested?

A step by step guide showing what happens after you get arrested, when you are charged and the different ways your case will move through the Court system.

Arbitration – Cost Efficient Dispute Resolution

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Almost any type of family law or civil dispute can be resolved using arbitration, and it can be a faster, less expensive alternative to Court.